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Like to experiment on anything.

These tools will boost your speed and efficiency

As a web developer, you need some tools on a regular basis. Some amazing tools are available to help you achieve a stronger position faster, and no one tells you about this.

I’m going to give you these tools. I wish somebody gave them to me while I was starting. All of the tools are absolutely free to use.

I have categorized all of the tools.

  • Hosting and deployment.
  • Royalty-free images and videos.
  • Icons and fonts.
  • Mockup tools.
  • Project design ideas.
  • Freelancing.
  • Exercise and algorithms.
  • Learning.
  • General tools.

Hosting and Deployment



How do they know so much about you??

One eye that is always watching you, and you can’t skip. You cannot stop using it, not only you, the whole world is already used to it. I am talking about the giant technology “Google” the world’s largest search engine.

In a Congress, the CEO of Google has been asked does google stores data and access them?

The CEO Sundar Pichai said yes, google stores and access data. That means Google seeing our every personal thing and we couldn’t do anything.

Is it happening right with us?

Improve your writing skill


Every writer struggles with their writing confidence. They fight for skill, fight for experience and fight for the destination they dream about. No one is perfect but can try to be creative this is what they need as a writer. Confidence isn’t something that most writers find easily and not that easy to gain. Your confidence is not the thing that you actively do, but there are things that you can actively think about.

1.Don’t Compare Your Work with a published author

Basic Architecture of MVC

I have given an illustration of each section.

Over the past 20 years, websites have moved from simple HTML pages with incredibly complex CSS to incredibly complex applications. Thousands of developers are working with these complex web applications to make them easier to work with.

Developers use different patterns to spread their projects to make the codes more complex and easier to work with by the most popular of these patterns. MVC is also known as a model view controller which targets a large application. So let’s have a look at a software design pattern of MVC-

Model, View, And Controller

Here a user…

7 Strategies of Successful Software Engineers


To be a successful software engineer, you need to be proficient only in your coding skills; if you’re thinking this, I tell you, you are wrong.

The first list I am going to do here is to be a successful software engineer, not just a coder software engineer but just beyond coding. It’s about some habit or strategy.

“I’m not a great programmer; I’m just a good programmer with great habits.”
Kent Beck

When I get started working in this field, I had an extreme urge to start coding. Right when I was given the project, a problem features…

Simple, Productive, And Best Programming language to choose


The new language is known as Golang Programming Go Language. Recently Golang has become a topic of excitement for developers around the world because of its features.

And nowadays, many software companies use Golang. It is a powerfully simple and the first language trusted by Tech Heavyweights, Dropbox, Docker, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and Twitter.

Many tech industries claiming Goland developers. And developers are leaning towards this language. Many programmers think Go is the best programming language.

The more i think about what a good language should do for us, i am more and more convinced that Go is the best…

Prepare yourself for your next interview

Job Interview
Job Interview

One of the most common questions you'll get during an interview when you are applying for a job is: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

Some candidates cannot answer this question. And many of them are confused in this short time and can’t come up with anything to say.

So, they keep quiet, and others say something wrong that they should not say. I’ll cover a few processes here; it will help you pass the interview. Let’s get started.

1. Tips

  1. The strengths that we give need to match those included within the job description.
  2. You also need to demonstrate that you…

These Websites Make Your Life Easier


Being a developer is really a matter of pride. Each developer usually seeks knowledge from some sites, tutorials, or blogs. Programmers visit these sites when these sites make their life easy, and they want to know more.

10 websites that every developer should follow, and I personally subscribed to. These websites have helped me grow as a developer. I visit them regularly every day to keep up with what is happening. Today I will give you a list of those websites.

1.Stack Overflow

The number one item and we all know, is StackOverflow. Maybe a lot of people don’t follow it directly…

Everything You Need to Know About Programmers Career


No doubt anyone can be a programmer at any time. Many people start this programming journey at a young age or in old age.

However, in the professional field, it has some level programmers. And programmers need to run at this stage with a role at the right age. Otherwise, they will realize one day that they are not improving.

First, it’s good to say that these opinions are personal to me, and a lot of people think the same of me. And programmers must face this cycle in their programming profession. They have no way to avoid this cycle…

Must be involved as a successful programmer


Something about some great features and personal trials that I think a lot of great programmers have in common right now.

Different types of people can be programmers. I think we all share some common specific features. I’m not saying you have all these qualities to be a great programmer. If you have a few of them, you should have a good size.

“Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.”Chris Pine

I am Going to Cover The Following Terms Today:

  1. Having Patience.
  2. Being A Problem Solver.
  3. Good Time/Task management.
  4. Having Good Focus.
  5. Being a Team Player.
  6. Passion for What You Do.

Owahida Afrin

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